Affordable Housing

Client: Northumberland County Council

Location: Northumberland

Status: Complete

Pod were selected through competitive tender and interview to provide architectural and planning services in regard to the design and coordination of initially 6 development sites situated within Northumberland. Working in close collaboration with Northumberland County Council, the project initially involved the production of capacity studies as well as ensuring detailed constraints and development framework plans were produced which ensured all relevant potential development factors were fully recognised and costed. From this initial scheme viability phase, 3 applications were worked up for the following development sites.
Land at Fairfield View, Shilbottle
A development of 20 dwellings divided between 2 and 3 bedroom homes. A specific challenge of the site was to work with the existing topography whilst ensuring accessibility and compliance with relevant standards.
Land at Embleton Quarry, Northumberland
A development of 16 dwellings split between 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and 2 and 3 bedroom homes in the site of a former quarry overlooking the Northumberland coast. The location of the site, on the periphery of the conservation area and within the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, called for a design and elevational treatment which was suitable to context.
Land at Morpeth Road, Blyth, Northumberland
A larger brownfield infill development of 26 affordable dwellings consisting entirely of bungalow accommodation designed to Lifetime Homes standards. The dwellings are grouped around a central open space which provides a community area and meeting point for residents.